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Thank God!

I chose the Firefly badge in Greenback Bayou as my personal challenge this week, and I FINALLY just finished it. I had to catch 200 fireflies, and let me tell you, if I ever play that game again it'll be too soon. :-P
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i played it for like 5 minutes this morning, and it was to much
Yeah, I've been playing it constantly since about mid-morning yesterday. The insanity!
LOL I chose that as my challenge not too long ago...I feel your pain!
Thanks... and I love your icon. :-P
I think that game is the worst game that Pogo ever made


I need help later with my Cribbage badge, I just need someone to play with me if anyone can?
Nah... worst one on there for me is Payday Freecell. Ohh, how I LOATHE that game. :-P
haha, I don't like Payday Freecell either, but Greenback is just beyond stupid ... ;]
haha, and we have a payday freecell challenge next week sadly enough ... 150 scratch cards *sigh*
if you have AIM .. my screen name is niko2k4 .. i'll play with you if you'd like (i think i'm leaving early evening .. but if i'm around i'd love to help!)
yay for you! i tried to get that badge a few times and gave up. it is so hard and it pisses me off.
It wasn't really hard, just incredibly time-consuming. I'd tried for it two or three times too, and I'd always given up after about 10 flies! LOL.