Jessica (smalltownhero) wrote in pogoers,

A plea for help!!!!!!!!!

Will somebody please please please please please help me out with my payday freecell badge?????? Everytime i play it i get wayyy to frustrated to win!!! i only have 16/150.. help me????
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I can try to help you out! I got mine last night, already have personal challenge done and almost have the phlinx one done !
i will get your phlinx if u will get my payday... deal?
Thanks! Already got it! :)
i emailed my name and password to your yahoo... i also gave it to another member here so if u cant get in, it just means he's playing i suppose..

thanks jen!
I was going to go in but saw someone else was on your name...just logged in and saw that it is completed! :)

thank u for trying!! i haven't even checked yet... i just woke up
I can do it for ya... I never have trouble with Freecell. Name/password?
i will love u forever and ever!

(And I'm a she :P)
Yayyyyyy thank u thank u thank u thank u

i will forever appreciate it!!!

and sorry for calling u a he lol.. i was half out of it when i typed that...

add me???
Hehe... no problem and it's ok :)

Added :)
yayyyy added back