Lesley (coconutpatty) wrote in pogoers,

I'm so mad. I cannot get into my pogo account at all. I tried to have the screen name mailed to me,.....says that email is not on file. Which means someone changed my info. Jerks. I tried to have the password sent but since the email was changed....that wont happen either. I'm so mad. And what about allllll my tokens and all that?! Not to mention this will keep getting billed to me. *cries*
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Something is apparently very very wrong with pogo... (And I SWEAR I had nothing to do with anybody's weird errors and things here. All I do is sign in, get badge, sign out. I don't even change the settings...)

For my part, and I understand it's not the same thing, but just noting it, I can't seem to get any rooms to load. I'd say pogo's having a bad night again...
crazy. i hate to think that there are that many immatire people out there to go around changing peoples info. and i never thought for a second that it'd be you. im just mad. i cant get in and cant even have any info emailed to me because someone changed it all. i tried to email pogo's cust serv, hopefully i get some response. i could not get into pogo since this morning. :(
This is the second post made to this community with the same complaint. Someone is logging into the account and changing the info. :|

You can always have your bank put a stop payment on the account...
I've worked so hard to get to where i was...and then someone had to go and mess with it. i feel like screaming


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I honestly can say I had no intentions of doing your FreeCell badge, ONLY because I was still fighting my badge today. I *finally* got it tonight, and wanted to jump up and dance around, as I did it ALL by my self. Sorry to hear that there are jerks, that had to ruin your night.
That's okay. And now I regret asking for help. I should have just done it on my own...and I wouldn't be in this predicament! boooooooo

And congrats for getting it ..... especially on your own. That's awesome


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i am just reading about this now, and i just want to tell you how sorry i am! i didn't do your freecell badge as i am still on 66/150 on mine and killing myself to finish it.. but i cant believe someone did that to you! i would also make sure nothing is being charged to your credit card.. (im not sure if you can find that out on someone's account, but just to be safe)..
it's just so irritating. why someone would go and do that. :( people are stupid.

i dont think they can get the card number there.....i'll be keeping my eyes peeled for any weird charges.

i have no idea where i even stand on the badge either.i dont know if someone went in and helped me or not. and the weird thing is, that this morning i was able to have my password mailed to me but it didnt work when i entered it...and now i cant even have it emailed to me. im going crazy over here
wow i just read about this and i am so sorry to the people this had happened too. i feel horrible for you guys.

customer service will be able to tell you the email that your account is under then maybe things will get straightened out. maybe even be able to track the IP address of the email and password change. i dont know, but im sure they have something like that one file.

this is why when i offer to do badges i make people send me thier info on pogo, this way things dont get screwed up.

i've emailed customer service and just waiting for a reply. Hope it's soon. :/ I'm going through pogo withdrawals
I'm sorry dear.
its a shame you have to worry about people doing such things. I can hope that pogo can get it worked out for you somehow. :(
im definitely hoping so. some people are so immature.
I hadn't changed my password on Pogo in a LOOOOOOONG time... like, since I started my account... and I don't have any idea why, but something this morning told me I should do that. So I did.

Then, later this afternoon when I went back, Pogo had logged me out and I had to sign in again. That never happens to me, usually I'm already logged in when I get there, so I'm wondering if maybe someone tried to mess with my account too, and found that they couldn't because I had already changed my password.

I'm sorry this has happened to you guys, and I hope you get it sorted out soon!
Could be. Someone is really being a pain. I think this community needs to be friends-only or something. And never again will my password be here again.....hopefully I can get my account back.
Since your credit card is still on the the account, there must be SOME way to get it back! Its there a number you can call? i wouldnt pay for something Im not using!
Oh exactly. I don't know if their customer service is 24/7....I haven't checked my email yet this morning to see if pogo has gotten back to me yet.
coconut im having the same exact problem as you saw before. i e-mailed pogo and they said i have to call an 800 number. try calling 866-543-5435. then it they said just listen for the option you need. i havent called yet but i will soon.
I emailed pogo and have yet to get a response. So I guess the number is my next best attempt. Did u call it yet?
ya know i just thought of this..... is this pogos way of punishing people for using that glitch during spider solitare? cuz i know i used it, but if they were punishing me why would they take so long to do something about it? and why isnt other people i know who used the glitch not having any problems? i dunno just a thought
actually it could be because i read that they are suspending peoples accounts for 72 hours and you will no be able to get on pogo. just a thought...

either way though, im sure they would have emailed you about it, or they should have in my opinion, at least.


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Deleted comment

Awww.....I'm sorry.

I hope so too. I love the site far too much and it's killing me not being able to play.