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Tri-Peaks Badge News

I need help with the Golf Badge, I'm at 3130 of 4000, but I'm getting so frustrated.

Please and thank you.

I got it! I hope this is the last weekly challenge w/this game.

Also, did y'all hear what did to the Stone Idol Badge? From Pogo News:

Tri-Peaks "Stone Idol" to Become Special Edition Badge!

November 17, 2009 | Staff
Due to the amount of time it takes to complete the Tri-Peaks "Stone Idol" Weekly Challenge, this challenge will not count towards the 2009 Badge Album. After Tuesday, this badge will become a Special Edition badge, and will not be available as a Personal Challenge. If players wish to get this badge, they will need to do so by midnight on Tuesday.

We recognize that this challenge was too time consuming, and hope that this will give those who were able to complete it the satisfaction of having a Special Edition badge. And for those who weren't able to complete it, they will still be able to complete their 2009 Badge Album. Furthermore, we have taken new steps to ensure we do not release such time consuming challenges in the future. Play Tri-Peaks!
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