dianaxsaurus (dianaxsaurus) wrote in pogoers,

For those of you with Pogo problems tonight here's why

Pogo just crashed 9:20 PM. I was in Lottso and then when I went out and tried to go back on Pogo it said couldn't find the site.

I thought it was puter because I had the problem a while back and had to reestablish a new DSL connection. I cleared out my temp internet files and all offline box checked also.

Got the message that pogo was having tech problems and to try again ina few minutes.

Got that off www.badgeaddicts.com
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weird, it's working fine for me.
it was fixed almost immediately from what I noticed.

Deleted comment

I hate it when that happens!
I was on then! Was wondering if something was going on with my computer! Tried to get back in for awhile, gave up and went to bed! :)