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canasta question

I just got 4 red 3's in a game but didn't get any badge for it. I've only heard that you get a badge for that, I've never seen one.

Is this true? And if so, does anyone know why I didn't get a badge? I was so happy to get all 4!
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There is no badge, you just get 800 points for that. WTG on that though.
Damn. Must be an Urban Legend then.

Thank you!
That would be nice if they had a badge for that.

Deleted comment

I knew about the rank part. Very disappointed I only have 50 3's. Heh.
I only have about 250 ... i don't see how people think its the easiest to advance in ranks .. it takes foorrrreeeveer! :P
A friend of mine is rank 6 and I'm wondering how long she sat there and played. She's not that old! Ha. ;)

Deleted comment

There is no official Club Pogo badge for it..

although, on the BadgeAddicts site, one of their weekly forum challenges was to get 4 red 3's in a game, and they had a badge created for it and all ... so that might be what you are thinking of or heard it from :)
Yes! That's what I was thinking of. Thank you!
I have only won 1 game so far....this challenge is a nightmare!!!

I don't think you get a badge for it. I think you get 800 points!
You don't. Just the 800 points.

I love the game! I'm not winning but I still love it. Haha.
I'll do anyone's Canasta who's having trouble if someone can do the Omaha challenge for me!