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Oooooh, Aaaaaah

New Word Whomp coming soon! Sounds like it will be a lot like Poppit's makeover.. :)
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I am excited about this too!!
Yup, it also seems like it'll make it a lot like Word Whomp Whackdown ... just slightly different (mix of letters instead of a string of letters .. although that part hasn't changed)

Also there's a First Class Solitare upgrade thing that is in the future if I'm not mistaken, at least from what I've heard (plus a couple other new games other than battlephlinx .. such as Stax & Qwerty)
Really???? First Class Solitaire??? Yay!! I love WCS, and have finished all of the ranks and badges there, so another solitaire game would totally rock my boat! :D
not 100% sure .. and it wouldn't be for quite a while .. but I think I've seen rumors / a little proof for it
(Yes, I will eventually shut up... but for now, it's a free country. Deal.)

Honestly, I'm not too keen on the "remake old games" thing... I never liked the original Word Whomp that much (I'm still sitting at Zucchini 13 in Whackdown, and probably always will be, since I hate playing it). I'm currently going through hell with Poppit V2 just because those badges ARE really nice, but otherwise I'd have nothing to do with the game. Solitaire makeover might not be bad. My vote's for gin... every other card game (well, most of them) has a rank system...

Incidentally, there's a Question of the Week idea: What kind of game would you most want to see on Pogo that isn't there yet (or Which game would you most want upgraded/modified/etc)?
I am excited about it. It sounds much better and I love it when they turn games into ones with badges. This one will have more rank badges than WWW and themes like poppit. Plus some bonuses... all a good thing. :)
I just heard today that they put BattlePhlinx on the backburner at Pogo, so who knows if that game will ever get released, just like Gonzos Pizza Delivery never did
ooohh no!! I was looking forward to battlephlinx!! :(
gonzo's was taken off of development, so i doubt it will ever come out.

battlephlinx .. they are just trying to fix bugs and such .. but it will eventually come out if i'm not mistaken, it just might be a little longer.
i never even heard of that one
I am excited about it too!