pogoersmod (pogoersmod) wrote in pogoers,

As mod, I've seen some complaints about passwords and what not.. Now, I don't know if this is pogos error or a members.. but, I will be changing this to a moderated community. Also... if you're going to post your password.. PLEASE.. post it 'friends only' [make sure you have the community listed as a friend!] - or don't post it at all.. email the people on pogo or their emails..

Hope you all understand why I'll be closing the comminuty.

Im very sorry this has happened to some of you.

- Krys [ rukus_ ]
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Such a shame it has come to this but then really people should know better than to post passwords on an open forum. I never give my passwords out especially to people I don't know. If I don't get a badge then I don't.
I completely understand.
And I wanted to give you a heads up on mandalvn. She's a pogo addict like me and would love to be accepted. Totally trustworthy and saves my life when there's a freecell badge!